2019 Exxxotica NJ 澳门新葡亰6692网站

I went to the very first Exxxotica convention and I keep going back. I wasn’t even shooting for Exxxotica New Jersey for anyone this weekend, but it’s a big family reunion and I get to see people I only see once or twice a year and that’s pretty great. Plus I end up meeting a bunch of new people and I attempt to take a bunch of photos outside of the convention and it’s always a good time.

This year I only did one photo shoot outside of the convention unfortunately, but I took my 35mm cameras with me everywhere and got a few photos at the Inked Awards and some random late night adventures and handful of photos of Abella Danger getting her makeup done before the convention. I have no idea if any of it’s any good but that’s the beauty of film. 

The convention itself I have shot so many times that I kinda took it easy. I mostly shot my friends on day one and on day two I shot a bunch of candid stuff and day 3 I was only there for a couple of hours so I didn’t shoot much. I should also mention that I did something that I have never done in more than 10 years of being a professional photographer and that is forgetting to readjust my color balance after doing a shoot. It was incredibly dumb and honestly inexplicable but it certainly explains why the first 30 or so photos in this gallery are kinda yellow. I am pretty glad I was my only client this weekend.

Anyway Exxxotica was really fun if not super productive and hopefully I will do some cool shoots in the future with people that I met over the weekend. Also, I had a weird number of really hot girls tell me I looked hot this weekend so apparently losing 30lbs and growing my hair out was a solid move and I just wanna hype myself up a little bit here cause this weekend was also the first time I saw my ex since we broke up and that was super emotional and porn stars flirting with me makes the crippling sadness a tiny bit better. I should probably delete this paragraph but I doubt anyone reads this far down anyway and they just look at the photos, but if you made it this far feel free to hit on me via the internet so that I feel a little bit better about myself. Thanks.

Now click here to see all my photos from the 2019 Exxxotica NJ Convention at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center.

Exxxotica NJ

Exxxotica NJ

Exxxotica NJ

Exxxotica NJ

Exxxotica NJ

Exxxotica NJ

Exxxotica NJ

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More Scout 澳门新葡亰平台官网88

The other day I posted some photos of Evelyn Claire that I shot back in January at the AVN Awards and when I was editing them I realized there was another shoot I hadn’t published either. I had a bunch of photos of Scout just sitting around that I had already edited and just never posted. It made my life very easy yesterday when I was publishing these on Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Scout is great. The first time we shot I got so many photos I loved including a photo that ended up in an art show. It didn’t sell but it’s a great shot and it’s sitting behind my couch right now all framed up and ready to go for the next show or in case you want to buy it. 

I don’t have a ton more to say but some things you should know, 1) I can’t wait to shoot Scout again 2) There are photos of her in here doing topless handstands in the hall of the Hard Rock Hotel and 3) Scout paid more for those socks than I did for the entire outfit I was wearing while taking the photos.

Now click here to see all the photos of Scout at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. 




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Evelyn Claire Returns 3522vip澳门新葡官网

Hey I am going out of town for a week today so I figured I’d get you some more photos up before I left. I shot these photos of Evelyn Claire back in January at AVN. It was actually the second time I shot her there and you can go look at the first time over here if you feel like it.

I honestly don’t have much else for you and I got a ton of stuff to do before I get on this plane so I am just gonna keep typing this sentence a little bit longer so that I can make this post look a normal length just so when you are scrolling down my page it looks visually pleasing but in reality this site hasn’t had a redesign since 2008 so it looks like garbage anyway so who am I kidding. Okay let’s promote the pay site and get to the photos.

There are a few slightly more explicit photos of Evelyn on Girls of Driven By Boredom and as always they were posted a day early and are twice the resolution, etc. Give me your money. It’s like $2 a month or something.

Now click here to see the NSFW photos of Evelyn Claire. 

Evelyn Claire

Evelyn Claire

Evelyn Claire

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Tiffany Watson 澳门新葡亰7802网址

Hi guys. I have some more photos for you to look at today. They are some photos of Tiffany Watson and they are super weird because she is super weird, and I mean that in the best possible way. She is legit hilarious. These photos are also pretty hot because she is hot. You get the idea. You should go look at them.

I shot these in the spring when Tiffany was feature dancing at one of the Sapphire strip clubs and had a couple of hours the next day before her flight. She was actually still asleep when I got to her hotel, but fortunately our mutual friend Alvin was there to take her to the airport after the shoot and managed to let me in. Between her being barely awake and me having broken up with my long term girlfriend literally the day before you would have thought these photos might not have been that inspired, but I feel like we got some really fun stuff anyway.

I don’t have a lot more to say about the shoot, but I did have something I thought I could talk about while I’m here. It’s not super relevant to this shoot, but I was thinking about it when I was going through these shots. A lot of my fan base are dudes who want to take naked photos and girls who want to have their photo taken, so maybe you guys will get something out of this. When I was going through these shots I noticed I missed a few good ones because Tiffany was looking at or talking to Alvin. It’s one of the reasons I prefer to shoot one on one. Taking someone’s portrait, be it naked or otherwise, is a fairly intimate experience and I think you get better stuff when it’s just photographer and model. HOWEVER, we are talking a handful of missed shots and we got a ton of great stuff. So if you are new to modeling and some photographer won’t let you bring someone to the shoot, don’t go. If you are a photographer and a model is nervous about shooting with someone she’s never met and wants to bring someone, let her. I have photographed hundreds of people naked in my life and in that entire time I can think of only one shoot where someone the model brought made things significantly worse. It’s cool to have a preference, and it’s totally cool to ask someone not to distract the model, but don’t be a dick. If you are a good photographer, someone there to make the model feel safe isn’t going to fuck up your shoot. Also, just to be clear, Alvin rules, although I had to unfollow him on Twitter because 90% of his Tweets were Foursquare check ins. End of rant.

Okay, lastly there are a LOT of explicit shots you can only see on Girls of Driven By Boredom. If you look at these photos of how flexible Tiffany is you can probably get the idea and know why I can’t post them on the main site. So go lurk over there if you wanna see everything. Okay, that’s all I got, let’s go look at some photos. 

Click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of Tiffany Watson.

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson

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Lucy Sparrow’s Delicatessen On 6th 澳门新葡亰游戏官网

At some point in my life I used to not be broke constantly and I used to back a ton of projects on Kickstarter. I backed mostly photo projects but occasionally I would check out the other art on the site and I found this woman named Lucy Sparrow who was trying to raise money to build an entire bodega (or whatever they call bodegas in the UK) out of felt stuffed animals that she sewed herself. It seemed completely insane and so I donated some money and got a stuffed can of tomato soup out of the deal. Since then, I have followed Lucy’s career and she has done a number of pop up art galleries including another one in NYC that I unfortunately misse

Yesterday her newest pop up gallery opened, Delicatessen on 6th, and entire store filled with every type of anthropomorphic food you could imagine. I had to go this time and I went down to Rockefeller Center to check it out. I actually pitched the show super last minute to Gothamist, but they were already covering it so I went down there without a camera, HOWEVER, once I got there I had an idea.

I just got the iPhone 11 Pro and its camera is a huge jump up from the camera on the iPhone 8 that I have had for the last couple of years. I tested it out a couple of days ago on my friend Michelle, but other than that I hadn’t really used the camera. I suddenly decided that this would be a fun excuse to play with it. I shot over 100 photos using just my phone and ended up with about 50 decent shots. I didn’t do any editing to them, so these are just what they looked like out of camera…. er, phone. The one thing I did was crop them all so they looked like all the other photos on my site which was by far the hardest part. I had to cut a lot of stuff out and some of the shots just didn’t work cropped, but when I was shooting I did plan for the crop so if I left them uncropped they wouldn’t have looked very good either. It was pretty annoying. 

Overall I was pretty happy with the quality, especially because the show was kinda poorly lit and the phone gave no fucks. I could have probably made them look better with some color balancing, but that doesn’t really sound like something I would do. People looked the worst on it, and you could really tell how high the ISO is in some of the shots with a lot of grain in the background, but what are you gonna do, it’s a damn phone. Still, I am not too worried about iPhones replacing real cameras quite yet (Just kidding, they already have. Why do you think I am so broke?)

Anyway, the show was great and I ended up with a couple of tiny shrimps (although they charged me for the regular sized shrimp!) If you are in NYC you can check it out until October 20th. As the name suggest it’s on 6th Ave, right next to the Tonight Show. Most of the art is super affordable as well so you can bring your family home some sort of stuffed meat and still have money to buy actual food.

Now click here to see all my iPhone photos from Lucy Sparrow’s Delicatessen on 6th!

Lucy Sparrow's Delicatessen On 6th

Lucy Sparrow's Delicatessen On 6th

Lucy Sparrow's Delicatessen On 6th

Lucy Sparrow's Delicatessen On 6th

Lucy Sparrow's Delicatessen On 6th

Lucy Sparrow's Delicatessen On 6th

Lucy Sparrow's Delicatessen On 6th

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Behind The Scenes On Oh Jerome, No 澳门新葡亰集团官网

Tonight at 10:30pm EST a new TV show called Cake premieres on FXX after It’s Always Sunny. It’s a weird mix of live action and animation and I mention this because my friends Teddy Blanks and Alex Karpovsky aka The Spielbergs (I shot their press photo) directed a bunch of short episodes of a show called “Oh Jerome, No” that is one of the live action elements of Cake. It’s based on their short film of the same name and it stars Mamoudou Athie as Jerome. If you haven’t seen Patti Cake$ you should probably watch it. He is great in it.

Each episode is a different look into Jerome’s dating life starring a completely different cast (outside of Mamoudou) and each episode is then broken up into pieces inside of the larger Cake episode. I have no idea how it’s going to work, but I am excited to see it. I also know that the Jerome episodes will be also available to watch online as stand alone episodes. 

Jerome filmed mostly in a studio in LA but since it’s supposed to be set in NYC all of the exteriors (and a few interiors) were filmed here so I spent a couple days following the crew around shooting some behind the scenes photos. I only was there for a few hours each day but I think I got some nice shots that you could check out. I honestly really enjoyed doing it and it’s something I would like to do a lot more of in the future. If anyone wants to hire me to hang out on the set of their short film or music video shoot or something let me know. 

Because they were shooting exteriors from several episodes I am not sure what I shot exactly, but I do know the scene with Natasha Lyonne is in the first episode that airs tonight. I got to see it a couple months ago and I really enjoyed it. I am actually in it, but I have a feeling you won’t be able to spot me considering Teddy didn’t even notice until I pointed out my blur in the back of a movie theater. The photos do feature one spoiler from the first episode, but it’s also in the Cake trailer so I don’t think I am giving anything away by posting it. That being said, if you are interested in seeing the show you might want to watch tonight’s episode before looking at these photos or watching the trailer.

Lastly, and completely unrelated to this post Boing Boing finally published my last article from the 2019 Gathering of the Juggalos and I am a huge Boing Boing fan so I figured I would share that with you.

Anyway, go look at these photos and watch Cake tonight at 10:30pm on FXX! See if you can spot me!

Click here to see all my behind the scenes photos from Oh, Jerome No and Cake.

Oh Jerome, No

Oh Jerome, No

Natasha Lyonne & A Pigeon

Alex Karpovsky & Teddy Blanks

Mamoudou Athie



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Khloe Kapri 澳门新葡亰a 官网

You have seen a bunch of photographs of Khloe Kapri on my site. I posted photos of her and Kasey Warner and their friend Damia, and then at AVN last year her and Jane Wilde were part of that gallery, and then of course she came to the Gathering of the Juggalos with me this year because she is a crazy person, but I have never posted a gallery of just her photos even though I have two of them just sitting on my hard drive. That ends now. 

This gallery is from the first time that I shot her, the same day as the shoot we did with Kasey and Damia. She was living with Kasey at the time so I met her for a second in passing before the shoot, but this was pretty much our first time meeting. After the shoot was over I sent her some photos and of all the stuff I sent her the one she seemed to like the most was this 35mm shot of her eating pizza that wasn’t particularly pretty or sexy or anything, but she loved how much it captured her and honestly that is exactly what I am looking for. People often like my photos of other people a lot more than they like the shots I take of them. The lack of fancy lighting and retouching is a look some people dig, but then they see the bags under their eyes or a bruise or something and aren’t as into it. But Khloe seemed to really like the raw stuff and that made me want to shoot her again.

At AVN I ran into her and Jane Wilde and they both were waiting to get their makeup done and we had about 10 minutes to shoot. They both let me shoot them without makeup just hanging out in a hotel smoking weed and we got exactly the type of shots I want and they even ended up in my last book. So of course last time I went to LA they were two of the first people I hit up and I think Jane was actually the second person I shot on the trip. Khloe was one of the last because she was out of town, but we got some great stuff which you guys will see eventually. 

Anyway, Khloe rules and we make great stuff together. I found out we are going to be in Miami at the same time next month so hopefully I will get some new stuff of her with some palm trees and shit. Plus she just got braces so that’s a fully new look. Long story short is I am super glad I ran into her in Kasey’s kitchen and you can expect to see more photos of her on here pretty soon.

Before I get out of here, I should mention a couple things. 1) These photos have been on Girls of DBB for a few days. There are a bunch of extra more explicit shots on there and they are in twice the resolution. Plus it helps me not have to get a real job so I can keep doing this. 2) The other thing that helps me continue to create content for you guys, is buying stuff from my store. This weekend I have a 10% off sale on all books, zines, prints and everything else I have in the DBB shop, so go get yourself something already

Now that that is out of the way, click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of the outstanding Khloe Kapri.

Khloe Kapri

Khloe Kapri

Khloe Kapri


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Elizabeth Warren In NYC – 9.16.19 澳门新葡亰网投怎么样

Monday night I photographed Elizabeth Warren’s rally at Washington Square park for Gothamist. You should go over there and read the article and look at my pictures. I took a ton of photos that they didn’t post so I figured I would do my own update with the outtakes as well. 

I also felt like I should take this time to talk a little bit about why I am supporting Elizabeth Warren for president. I ended up pitching this to Gothamist specifically because I wanted to go hear her speak. I actually think she’s very inspiring and the more I listen to her the more I like her. The last time I endorsed a political candidate in a primary was Obama in 2008 and I went back today and read it. He is a little more centrist than I am but I thought his ability to inspire people really important. Elizabeth Warren is no Obama in that regard but her anti-corruption and corporate greed message is something I can’t help but get excited about. That message is why I voted for Bernie in 2016, but Elizabeth Warren delivers that message with a lot more positivity and hope. 

As a progressive the only real options for me are Bernie and Warren. I mean I am certainly not voting for Bill de Blasio and I wish he would get back to work running our city. Castro I like but I don’t really think he has a chance. Cory Booker is a little moderate for me, but he seems like a very genuine person and I would be all in if he somehow won the nomination. If I didn’t know anything about Kamala Harris going into the debates she might be one of my favorite candidates, but I find it very hard to vote for a prosecutor. It’s the same reason I wouldn’t vote for Amy Klobuchar, that and because she’s a centrist who opposes medicare for all and her only argument for being president seems to be that she could maybe peel off some Trump voters. Speaking of mediocre centrists, Joe Biden is like Klobuchar except a man whose brain is melting in front of us. Biden offers no plan for America, just a platform that he’s an old white man who knows Obama. Buttigieg and Beto are both too moderate for me, but at least they are young and kind of interesting. I wish Beto ran for senate again, but at least Texas has a good candidate in MJ Hegar (give her money). I am not going to go through everyone else, but I will say I think the idea of Universal Basic Income is an interesting one and I am glad Yang is bringing attention to it. So it all comes down to Bernie and Warren, and I don’t even want to tell you my problems with Bernie because some zealot will start yelling at me on Twitter because his supporters are by far the worst thing about him. You are not helping your case by screaming at strangers on the internet, bro.

I would talk more about Warren’s speech the other night because it was really great, but you should just read about it on Gothamist. There was also this great WaPo editorial about it that I would recommend as well. Now let’s look at some photos from her rally. 

Click here to donate to Elizabeth Warren for President.

Click here to see all my photos from the Elizabeth Warren rally at Washington Square Park.

Elizabeth Warren For President

Elizabeth Warren For President

Elizabeth Warren For President

Elizabeth Warren For President

Elizabeth Warren For President


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New Instax Scans 澳门新葡亰官网7598522

A couple of years ago I published my largest book to date, Instaxxx, a collection of instant film nudes. It mostly was made up of Instax Wide photos but also included a number of Polaroid 600 and Spectra photos that I have been shooting since the late 90s. The first nudes I ever shot were on Polaroid and the 120 page book represented nearly 20 years of work with over 200 photographs. 

Of course when I finished the book I didn’t stop shooting instant film. I have spent the last two years filling up box after box of new Instax and I plan on eventually publishing an update to Instaxxx, most likely in a smaller zine form. I recently started scanning some of the stuff I had shot recently and ended up scanning nearly 100 photos and I figured I would share some with you. 

Theis gallery features more than 75 images, and there are a handful of extras on my paysite Girls of Driven By Boredom if you want to see some more stuff (in twice the resolution). It also features a massive amount of models so I can’t run through the whole list but there are a few people that show up in multiple images so I will list some of the models featured:  Bunny Colby, Khloe Kapri, Alex DeLaFlour, Rose Ryan, Kirra, Jane Wilde, Chloe Cherry, Jade Baker, Scout, April O’Neil, Karlee Grey, Abella Danger, Veronica Rose and many more. 

You can get your copy of Instaxxx in the Driven By Boredom shop, including versions signed by some of the models listed above. Also, if you are interested in purchasing actual Instax from me I often have outtakes. Feel free to contact me if interested. Prices start at $50. 

Now click here to see a bunch of new NSFW Instax scans.

Abella Danger Instax

Hope Instax

Eddy Segal Instax

Jane Wilde Instax

Claudia Cho Instax

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